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Flood Warnings

Time to Plan

11 September 2015

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The first step to flood defence is to know if you are in a flood risk area.  The environment agency and modern technology had made this a simple task in recent years.  You can visit the environment agency’s website and take a look at their flood map at

Type in your postcode and then select the flood risk type from the drop down menu.
The map will then be coloured according to your flood risk, if you click on where you live you will be taken to a page that explains your risk level and the reasons behind why the environment agency has classified your area as such.  This is very granular and can be looked at right down to street level.

If it transpires that you live in a high risk flood area, then it’s in your best interests to prepare for a flood by creating a flood plan.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, you will save a lot of money in the long run if you are prepared for such an event.

If you are a business owner and you have storage capacity then the most cost effective way for you to defend against floods would be to stockpile some pre filled sandbags ready for deployment when needed.  These would have to be plastic as hessian sandbags do start to rot after being in storage for a while.

If you are a homeowner or storage is an issue then the alternative would be to stock up on our sandless sandbags (link) which store flat and are only 516 grams before activations.  They are 38cm wide and 60cm long.

Another alternative if you have been hit by a flood in the past and it’s highly likely that it will happen again, is to spend money on more substantial flood defence products, such as flood doors or flood gates to safeguard your property.  They can be quite expensive but if you’ve suffered a total flood in the past, the peace of mind you get would be worth every penny.

Your physical flood defence is only one part of a flood plan.  This document will only take a small amount of time to complete, but it will prove invaluable if ever needed.

For instructions on how to make a personal flood plan visit –

For instructions on how to make a flood plan for your business, visit –

For guidance on creating a flood plan for communities and groups, please visit –

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