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Flood Warnings

Sandbags for Sale

26 July 2016

We provide a carefully selected product range of sand bags and other flood defence products to ensure you have the correct products available for use, exactly when you need them.

We offer pre- filled sand bags for sale in shipments of 50 sandbags, available in either white or black plastic finish, as well as the traditional hessian. All pre-filled sandbags are approximately 15kg in weight and are the most cost effective form of preparation against flooding.

Also available are our self-inflating sandbags available for sale as a “homeowner pack” with everything you need to prepare your home against the waters. These are the perfect option for those who are low on storage space. Inflation only initiates after a period of time submerged in water, until then they will remain compact and easy to store.

Our sandbags are available for sale with fast and efficient shipment with all orders over £50.00 receiving free delivery.

For any queries on the sandbags or other flood defence products get in touch on: 01977 232024

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