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Flood Warnings

Sandbags… a brief history…

08 September 2014

Sandbags are simple by design, construction and application. There is no specific date as to when the sandbag concept was conceived, although it can be deduced that they do date back a couple of centuries with its primary use of military fortification.

Sandbags have been adopted for many years as a temporary preventative measure for advancing flood water.Stacked like bricks they create an ideal barrier of protection from rising water levels.


In this modern era UK Sandbags now offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional sandbag. The Hessian Self-Inflating sandbag it is a durable, lightweight sack that contains a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). After use its non-hazardous inner can be disposed of by landfill or alternatively used in the garden to increase water retention in soil.



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