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Flood Warnings

Prepare For Flooding with UK Sandbags

26 March 2015

Sandbags Information

If you live in a probable flooding area please follow these simple steps to be prepared.

  • Always make sure you opt for the right insurance cover for you home by analysing the documents.
  • When flooding occurs you will need to switch off the gas, water and electricity supplies. In preparation for this you need to locate the supply switches.
  • Always keep a list of helpful phone numbers. We recommend Insurers, Family, Friends and you GP.
  • Pack up an emergency flood kit. Recommendations here.
  • Another suggestion includes taking pictures of your property and contents as this will help Insurers.
  • Always think about baby, elderly and the disabled requirements. Make sure you always have a
  • Put along and emergency flood kit. Emergency flood kit recommendations may be found here.
  • Think about the requirements of babies, children, elderly, the disabled and pets. Don’t forget to ascertain your neighbours.
  • It is invariably suggested that you simply take photos of your property and contents before any flooding happens.
  • Make sure you have a family plan in the event of a flash flood – where to meet and how to keep safe.

Here is a list of questions you will ask yourself in the event of a flood:

  • How will I keep myself and family dry and warm?
  • How will we stay hydrated and which food shall I pack?
  • Where is safe dry place to store the computer, date, important documents?
  • What needs relocating to a higher floor?
  • Where can I store my vehicle on higher ground so it won’t be affected by flooding?
  • And last but certainly not least how will I stop water from entering the property? This is where UK Sandbags come in.

UK Sandbags provide Door protectors for the entrance, WC Plugs to stop drains from backing up and Hessian and Plastic Sandbags to protect your property.


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