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Flood Warnings

Plastic Sandbags or Hessian Sandbags?

30 September 2015

Years ago sandbags were only available in hessian jute material, so if you were looking for sandbags for flooding back then, you’d be buying hessian sandbags. You’ve now got the option of different grades of hessian and different grades of polypropylene sandbags.

Both types of sandbag are used for flood defence during heavy periods of rainfall and potential flooding. If you are in an area where you are at risk of flooding then having a stock of sand filled sandbags ready at your home or business could help prevent some damage.

The hessian sandbags are going to rot after a period of time, whereas the plastic sandbags are going to store for a lot longer. The plastic sandbags are also more suitable for longer term flood defence. All of our plastic sandbags are also UV stabilised to ensure the sandbag gets a longer life when exposed to the sun. This is extremely important in some applications. Both types are ideal to be used for flooding, weighing down road signs or as a ballast for any other purpose and are always held in stock for dispatch at a moments notice.

If storage is an issue, then you might want to take a look at our self inflatable sandbags or sandless sandbags. They are the best solution for your home or small business premises, where it’s not always possible to store a pallet of sandbags somewhere.

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