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Flood Warnings



The very first goal is protecting yourself and your family.
UK Quality Sandbags -24 February 2015
New and improved flooding solutions by UK Sandbags are on sale now!
Flood Protection Products -20 February 2015
By this point you’ve obviously come to terms with the fact that your home or business property is at risk of potential flooding, just by purchasing sandbags you’re half way there to victory!
How to prepare and effectively build a sandbags wall to protect you from floods using UK Sandbags.
January 2014 was the wettest January for 100 years, here is an infograph by the Met Office depicting the facts and figures
Sandbags… a brief history… -08 September 2014
Sandbags are simple by design, construction and application. There is no specific date as to when the sandbag concept was conceived, although it can be deduced that they do date back a couple of centuries with its primary use of military fortification.
Met Office and Newcastle University study is first to draw direct link between climate change and rise in summer downpours
Find out what causes flash floods and why it can be so dangerous.