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Flood Warnings



UK Sandbags are going to be at the Flood Expo next week on the 14th and 15th October and we’re really looking forward to showing people in the flood defence industry what UK Sandbags are capable of, we’ll be on stand F413.
Years ago sandbags were only available in hessian jute material, so if you were looking for sandbags for flooding back then, you’d be buying hessian sandbags. You’ve now got the option of different grades of hessian and different grades of polypropylene sandbags.
UK Sandbags supply filled hessian sandbags to a variety of companies across various industries. Our filled sandbags are used for a number of reasons, to weigh down road signs, to line landfill sites, film and TV Props, and this week they have been used to pack the explosives at Didcot Power Station for Coleman & Co Demolition.
Are You At Risk of Flooding? -15 September 2015
It’s a good idea to establish whether you are at risk of flooding or not. In 2014, local authorities, builders merchants and sandbag suppliers run out of sandbags for flood defence because of the overwhelming demand for them. It’s been argued that if people in their homes and businesses were more prepared, this wouldn’t have been the case. Simple prevention measures are much better than a cure should floods or storms hit.
Time to Plan -11 September 2015
The first step to flood defence is to know if you are in a flood risk area. The environment agency and modern technology had made this a simple task in recent years. You can visit the environment agency’s website and take a look at their flood map at
How to Fill Sandbags -03 September 2015
It might take you some time – according to the website it will take on average one hour to fill 12 sandbags, it should actually take a lot less than that.
How To Build a Sandbag Wall -27 August 2015
The first thing to do is to make sure that you have enough sandbags to protect your property, this depends entirely on your own individual circumstances, you need to decide what you want to protect.
Preparing for flash floods is key to protecting yourself, family, home and possessions.
If you live in a probable flooding area please follow these simple steps to be prepared.
Is your property at risk of flooding? Your property may be liable to flooding if you have suffered with this problem has happened formerly in your area.