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How To Build a Sandbag Wall

27 August 2015

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The first thing to do is to make sure that you have enough sandbags to protect your property, this depends entirely on your own individual circumstances, you need to decide what you want to protect.

Generally, you would work on the doors of your property first and foremost and then you might move onto your garage doors to prevent internal flooding.  It’s up to you to prioritise your property, people also have storage sheds filled with all sorts of things that they need to protect.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of sandbags in storage if you are in an area that is prone to flooding.  If you need to fill your own sandbags then see our How To Fill Sandbags page.

Once you know where you are going to start, clear the area where the sandbags will be put in place.  To make the job easier, two people are preferred in the placement of sandbags, if you are filling them in order to put them in place straight away, then a third and fourth person would make the job fly by.

Two people to fill the sandbags, one to tie them off and take to location and the fourth to lay them.  Part of your flood plan should be to identify people who can help you to protect your property.

Before you start to lay your sandbags, consider covering the potential ingress area (door) and part of the surrounding area (walls) with PVC sheeting to bolster the performance of your sandbags.

The sandbags themselves should be laid like brickwork and be tightly packed.  If your sandbags aren’t stitched or tied off then be sure to wrap the open end underneath it when laying it down.  They should be laid lengthways.  After each one is laid, stamp it down to make sure it’s packed in well.

If you want to lay your sandbags inside a doorway then you’ll have to empty some of the sandbags and make a ‘half sandbag’, the same as you see at the ends of walls when using bricks.

There are methods of building more substantial sandbag walls, I’ll leave links to those methods here when we post them.
The way that has been described however is sufficient for flooding that isn’t too serious.

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