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Flood Warnings

Flood Action Plans

31 October 2016

Preparing a flood plan because your home is at risk of heavy flooding can seem like it might be difficult, but there are many resources out there that can help you through the process.  So that you have peace of mind and the resources in place to minimise the damage caused by flood water, you need to ensure you have a plan that can be used at a moments notice.

The information found below on the Flood Plan Infographic was found on the UK Government website.  We’ve taken this information and put it into a more manageable source of information.

Part of everyone’s flood plan should be to know where they can source emergency flood defence items, and UK Sandbags solve that question, so you can move onto the other items that you need to consider when protecting your home or business.

Elsewhere on this blog, there are tutorials on how to build a sandbag wall so that if you ever need to use your stock of sandbags, you won’t be stuck when trying to implement your plan.

Please take a look below, feel free to download and use, and above all please make sure you prepare a Flood Action Plan if you are a risk of flooding.

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