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Flood Warnings

Emergency flood kit by UK Sandbags

09 April 2015



Preparing for flash floods is key to protecting yourself, family, home and possessions.

Preparing an emergency flood kit will minimise the risk of getting caught in flash floods as you wont have any reason to panic.

Firstly you will need a large but light bag. In this you will need to pack the following list of essentials which we believe will prepare you for flash floods:

  • Important documents such as Insurance information
  • Important numbers
  • Elderly, Disabled and children’s essentials such as medication, repeat prescription forms, baby food and sterilised bottles.
  • Wash Kit and Toiletries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Clean clothing – additional clothing includes waterproof items and wellingtons
  • Essential money
  • Wind up radio
  • Blankets or thick materials to keep warm
  • Bottled water

To prepare you home for flooding UK Sandbags are just one call away: 01977232024

Sandbags protect the perimeter of your home or business

  • We provide Door Protectors for all entrances
  • WC Plugs to stop drains from backing up

UK Sandbags deliver flood protection products straight to your door.

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