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Flood Warnings

Are you at risk of flooding?

17 March 2015

Is your property at risk of flooding?

Your property may be liable to flooding if you have suffered with this problem has happened formerly in your area.

There’s an issue in the local neighbourhood about the danger of flooding.

Your neighbourhood is proven to be vulnerable to flooding on a flooding alerts map.

Flooding may be brought on by water from a number of resources which may definitely not be obvious. Resources of floodwater that might influence your house contain:

  • Major rainfall
  • Streams
  • The Sea
  • Ditches and Drainage Stations
  • Damaged Pipes
  • Surface Water
  • Overloaded Drain Systems

What degree of flooding should I expect?

The range of water is the main component deciding the quantity of flooding damage. This is often taken as the greatest flood level at the house, or in the region, in memory or on record. You will have to contemplate the utmost flood water depth since the deeper the flood the more the quantity of harm to the property.


Sandbags information


What do UK Sandbags provide for flooding solutions?

UK Sandbags have developed a range of flood protection products to keep your home and your family safe!

UK Sandbags supply sand filled hessian and plastic sandbags as well as door blocksinflatable sandbagsWC Plugs and homeowner packs!

Our efficient delivery service and quality products ensure you have what you need, when you need it flooding occurs.

Please prepare your property with flooding solutions from UK Sandbags. Our flooding specialist team are on hand to help with all of your queries so please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01977232024.

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